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Hi guys,

What a gorgeous day in dublin today?

I'm bringing you the second part of my travel diary from my travels to shanghai. After leaving the hotel on sunday morning we headed for shanghai hongqiao railway station to get the high speed train to Beijing. Lads i'm telling you the train station there really doesn't compare to any other train station i have seen in my life. Just off the richter scale as this station is one of the three major railway stations in shanghai,china. It just never stopped! After we found our seats and got ourselves settled in on the train after all this journey was five hours long. Do you know what? I never even felt we were on the train that long as the time went by very quickly.

Finally at beijing station we made our way to the ticket office as we had to collect our tickets for the journey back home. It wasn't that easy as we discovered there were a few problems with our tickets. Between my name not been put in right, to passport numbers wrong on our email. I just thought i never see the back of the station as we had to keep going up and down stairs, to trying to explain ourselves to the staff about what's going on. It eventually got sorted but on the way from hangzhou to shanghai to get ourselves home we we're both sitting in different carriages. We moved on to get to our hotel as we we're both frustrated from what just happened in the train station. To be suddenly hit by the sharp coldness blown in the air while walking down to get to our hotel a nice cup of tea was badly needed because by jaysus it was baltic.

After checking in to our hotel we took some time out as later that day we made our way to see tiananmen square. This is a square in the center of beijing to where it contains the monument to the people's heroes, tiananmen tower, great hall of the people. We walked around but we didn't stay out that long as the cold was slicing through us we needed to head somewhere warm. We decided to make our way back to the hotel and eat in the restaurant as of the next day we we're going to see the great wall of china. Well that's what i thought that night a lovely bout of food poison/sickness hit me. Our plans for the trip on monday went out the window as i laid up in bed sweating out whatever was wrong with me. Tuesday came and i pulled myself out of the bed as we made arrangements with the hotel for a tour bus to come and collect us from the hotel to go see the wall. 

We went on our merry way to finally see the great wall of china to even say that i was going to see the wall was becoming a reality. When there we we're told we could either walk up along the side of the wall or walk up to take a chair lift up to the starting point of what we were walking. We took the lift! Your fitness levels need to be on your side for this walk and being sick didn't help. I was able to walk part of the wall we got to visit. A lot of pinch me moments while up there sitting taking in the scenery of the mountain around us. The history of the wall was that it was a integrated military defensive system with watchtowers for surveillance, fortresses for command posts and logistics, beacon towers for communications. After seen this piece of history we headed back down as lunch was included in with the tour. I tried a small amount of the food but it wasn't for me and after that we headed back on the bus to make our way back to the hotel. Were i was delighted to know that my bed was waiting on me as that was the end of me taking in anymore sights of beijing on this trip.

Hope you enjoy the piece!