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Happy Thursday,

Here we go my piece all about my break for 2 nights in rosses point,sligo and what was done while there. The journey maybe took us 2 hours and 45 mins maybe a bit longer with the weather. It was well worth the drive though as you got to take in all the beautiful scenery our little green isle has to offer. Our plans were to make a couple of pit stops along the way but nature had other idea's as it began to snow but that made it more pretty apart from the roads (passenger). We decided just to keep driving until we got to the hotel just to be on the safe side.

Upon driving into rosses point straight away we were blown away by the beautiful picturesque scenes in front of us. Rosses point is at the entrance point to Sligo harbour from sligo bay with oyster island being the long thin landmass notable when you drive through the village from sligo town which happens to be only a 10 mins drive. The hotel itself is located on the last right hand turn of the main road it's big enough you won't miss it. Any golf lovers will be happy to know there is a golf course just straight across from the hotel.

On arrival we were met be two lovely ladies sitting at the desk upon checking us in they asked us "how was the drive" and "where were we from". We also quickly noticed how busy the hotel was with family, friends, couples and the older generation. Eventually we got settled into our room which by the way held two double beds, a little sofa, a t.v and a gorgeous view from the windows. We went back down to the bar area for some lunch and just chilled out there cause before long it was dinner time. After heading up to bed the next morning we got up and went for breakfast over that time we discuss on what to do. Before heading down to sligo i researched all about a coastal walk we could do from the hotel. Off on the cold brisk walk we left the hotel entrance and went down the straight road that was in front of us. 

Along the road we came across little holiday homes and a caravan park which happens to be opening back up at easter time. We couldn't go any further as we'd be walking into the sea but just have a moment while standing there it's truly unreal. We discovered the walkway that would bring us to the sights of w.b yeats and jack yeats uncle henry middleton home were both brothers would spent many summers in rosses point inspiring both their poetry and painting. As we continued on the scenic walk you'll see metal man standing on top of a buoy in the water pointing to where there are rocks. Going on further you'll come to a bend that's where you'll enjoy the sights of blackrock lighthouse in the bay and sligo yacht club. Coming from there we met lady waiting on the shore this was dedicated to all the woman who were waiting for the return of loved ones (so sad). This was a nice easy walk as it lead us back to the hotel.

Speaking of the hotel just as we got in i realized the time i had to quickly run up to the room to change for my treatment. I made this appointment a couple of weeks before heading down as i made that mistake before and lost out on a treatment. Not this time! The treatment itself i have never had it done before but i was going to enjoy it as part of it was sitting in a bath of hot water. After that walk it was needed as the cold was going right through me. I was pleasantly surprised by it as all the seaweed was nicely placed down at the other end of the bath. Basically it's the oils coming from the seaweed that you are getting the benefits from having it done. I also noticed how quickly i was chugged down the jug of water which was placed beside me during the treatment. Also i left having my shower after the treatment until later that night. It was pure bliss! After my treatment we decided to head back out but this time over to strandhill.

This again is another coastal village well known for surfing. We didn't stay here for long as the weather was much wilder. We popped into mammy johnston's icecream parlour and cafe for a nice hot beverage and a slice of cake. Just letting you know halfway between this drive is the mountain knocknarea something to do while you are there. Unfortunately we didn't finish this walk but the scenery from up there is ace as in the distance you could see ben bulben another mountain to tackle. Maybe this will be another reason to head back to sligo! After that we headed back to the hotel but guys as you can see there is a lot to do and see cause before you know it the fun is over. The little village itself has a couple of restaurants and a cute little cafe down on the main road not far from the hotel. Our last morning there we went an done the loop again but this time in the opposite direction. We came across saint columba church walked down onto the main road. Just soaked up the last bit of the good fresh Irish sea air before heading back to the big smoke. Rosses point or even sligo is definitely a spot to put down on the bucket list. People were so friendly and you never miss out on going anywhere as the local bus stop is right outside the hotel. Hope you enjoy the read!

Emma x