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Happy Monday,

It's starting to look a bit normal out there after those crazy few days. In the mist of it all i was trying to work on this piece before we had to bundle up and stay indoors from the beast from the east and storm emma ;). Not only that but i came down with a bout of sickness that made me bedridden for the week. This blog piece had to take a seat for a bit as i was unable to see anything pass my nose but I hope everyone was lucky enough to get out there and enjoy the snow.

This piece i'm bringing you this morning is showing you how the polka dot trend has made a big return in the fashion world. The last time i seen any polka dot was from the film pretty woman in which Julia Roberts character Vivian is wearing a brown polka dot dress while attending a polo match. Oh that's many moons ago! Now though with big brands like Topshop, Mango, Asos among others the dot is here for spring/summer 2018.

To me whether the dot is small or big the trend screams out elegant, smart, girly and sophistication,no! What do you think of this trend? Below are finds of piece's that i came across and you should be adding a certain piece to your wardrobe. Hope you enjoy the piece!

Emma x

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