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Happy Tuesday,

How misery is it outside? Sure it's giving me a reason to put this together all about three items i haven't put down since opening them.  I came across the neutrogena and neostrata in goody bags i had received while attending events from over the months. The sleek makeup solstice highlighting palette i bought myself a while back in a nearby chemist. Is it just me that when using a product that if i like it i'll keep using it until it's gone but if i'm not feeling that product i'd put it to the side and forget every using it again. But with these three products i find myself each and every morning going over to my beauty desk grabbing these products to use on my face. These are my opinions on these products cause i mean each person is different and you may or may not agreed with this piece.. 

Neostrata enlighten ultra brightening cleanser i came across a couple of bloggers mention this product but then i discovered i myself had it in one of the goody bag. Of course this made me reach for it and get using it after hearing good reviews. Seriously I haven't put this down since i first popped open the lid. It's a face wash that needs to be used twice a day as the formulate is good for getting the cell renewal stimulated. The texture of this is quite creamy and sticky just be aware of that. After seen that it lifted and brighten up my skin i found myself coming across meaghers website and to my delight i noticed that the illuminating serum was at a special price. In my basket it went! When the package came i discovered a nice little surprise as with the serum there was the pigment controller and a mars bar. I'm nearly on the last leg of this product which is good for me as i find it very hard to trust and get liking products to use. 

Neutrogena hydro boost water gel this is to boost the hydration to the skin making it smooth and supple the skin all day. This has been released along with other products for the hydro boost range. I could cover my face with this moisturiser all day as when opening the lid you are hit with that fresh watery smell. This has a light texture feel that i noticed would simply glide across my face and there is no tackiness or stickiness to it as it also contains a cream mixed in with the product. The hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin and with this formula it's going to help replenish the epidermis with a boost of hydration and retains water to create a reservoir. It's going to protect the skin barrier and continuously release moisture all day. I would rub this all around my face then rub it down onto my neck when it soaks into my skin i totally noticed the alive fresh look it gives off. Again this is what i'm liking at the moment i'm just putting it out there but these might not suit everyone.

Lastly i find myself being drawn back to using my solstice highlighting palette from sleekmakeup. I love grabbing this again as i think it pulls a make up look together well. I simply just run a chosen color across my cheeks, also putting it in the corner of my eyes to open them up making them appear brighter and bigger. It's also great for running along the bridge of my nose. Truthfully i only use three colors from the palette even though it has four. Don't you agreed that a highlighter gives off a great shine to the face making it look healthy and glowy. As i said before there are four colors three of them are powdered while the fourth is creamy. This highlighter is available in a handy compact that's easy to pop into the bag for bringing on a night out. It's also great for when topping up the makeup look as it has a little brush and mirror for when you need to see with putting on the highlighter. Hope you enjoy the piece!

Emma x