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Hello Monday,

If this wasn't the perfect time for me to put on my pastel blue two piece suit that i bought in penneys for a day at the races,when was! I came across a competition that gave you the chance to win passes to enter the punchestown races and get to enjoy the bollinger ladies day event that's held there, sure why not! Unfortunately i didn't win but i still received a lovely message to say i was a runner up which meant i was still given two tickets for general admission into the horse racing event. I was only delighted sure what else would i be doing on a tuesday beside that.

The weather had been fabulous the week before when i seen this part of me thought about my pastel blue suit but i wasn't sure as i was in two minds about what to wear. As punchestown is not only known for the racing it's also known for the ladies fashion and their headpiece. But when tuesday came it was a no brainer as it had been raining typical i knew then i was going to wear my blue suit. This is ireland biggest horsing event that runs the course of 5 days from the 24-28th of April personally i didn't know what to except.

Truthfully you're walking around a lot for a long time in a circle in the hopes that someone will notices you to talk and take a picture of your outfit so you need to go all out for this. If you can't face that you can bring yourself off to the side where there are areas that surprisingly have restaurants and suites that you can go in and sit down to enjoy a glass or two. There are food,coffee and clothing stalls outside if you just want to pick and look at something while you are on the go. If though you are going to go to show off your fashion style this is the perfect platform for you to that cause personally coming from me just wear comfortable clothing. Also this event does be recorded for the t.v so while walking around you need to be on your best behaviour.

In the end i found myself putting on my rain jacket over my suit but i should of brought a more suitable heavy jacket and i threw on my flat trainers as i started to feel the cold creep in. I was smiling on the inside for my photo though! I just wish the weather was like the week before maybe my opinion might be a bit different but in the end the weather did pick up again. Has anyone been to the races before? What do you think? What would you wear to an ocassion like this? If you're feeling a suit here are a couple of finds of a perfect two piece suit. Hope you enjoy the piece!

Emma x