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Happy Thursday,

I'm finally getting some time to sit down and work on my piece from the trip myself and my friend Julia took when we headed across the pond a few weeks back for London town. This was planned only to stay for the weekend we flew out on the very last flight from Dublin airport on friday night. Making our flight home on monday was an early one as we would of been back in work the next day. Friday after work we made a mad dash to the airport. While sitting waiting for our flight we were informed that it was going to be delayed not what we wanted to hear but really except things like this to happen. 

It also meant we'd miss our stansted express train that night which would of brought us to our destination of Paddington station where our hotel was located at. By the way we had all this booked as we felt it would have save us doing it there in stansted. Truthfully part of this ticket was wasted but i would be mindful of stuff like this and look into when the times stop for the express train. We still had the other half of the ticket for coming home. We ended up getting the national express bus which was still operating at that time from the airport. We got on as we were about an hour an a half from the airport we didn't see our hotel until nearly 3 o'clock.

The next day we got up and got ourselves out for the first day we needed fuel though. We headed across the road as we spotted a few nice little cafes along the main street. While there we got asking the guys from the restaurant a couple of questions on where to get passes for doing some of the tourist attractions. Things like this don't be afraid to ask! They pointed us in the direct of Paddington train station which by the way was very close to where we were staying. This was our main public transport that we used the most of while there as it was very easy to follow (well i think so).

While there get yourself a day pass for the train as this is saving you cause one ticket for the day can be used throughout the whole day. First on the agenda was getting ourselves over to madame tussauds in marylebone which was easy enough as it was along the baker street stop when walking out from the station take the left then just walk down the road. Guys the queue for this place was crazy i recommend you book tickets for this before heading over as we were waiting in the queue for some time with the weather been warm it's not the best. Eventually we got to the ticket office while there we got talking to the girl behind the counter she was telling us that the weekend is their busy time.

Maybe plan your trip for going over so it's during the week as this place is mental with people trying to get pictures of their favourite celebrity statue. There is a lot more to madametussauds and i found it very enjoyable and didn't notice how quickly the time was going while walking around.Following on from that we got ourselves back on the train for the embankment stop. Now this is where all the tourist attractions are whether walking or getting the thames river cruise (you need to pay) this is where the London Eye, Big Ben etc is. We decided to do the thames clippers cruise as we wanted to head to Greenwich as we heard this was a lovely spot to get off at and walk around.

Unfortunately on the cruise we didn't hear when the stop was being called out we missed it. We made plans there to head back over on the sunday night for something to eat. Back on the cruise though we still got to enjoy other attractions like the shard, the 02 but we made one quick stop at the tower bridge. While there we took some snaps, had a drink and just relaxed for a bit. This is the stop where they had the bubble igloo's and i was raging as it looked like a great spot but any who maybe next time. Our time was short there as we had to head back up the river and find a place called proud cabaret embankment. As julia came across a voucher for us to attend a show which including a 3 course meal. I'm just going to say that when the show was over and the tables got moved this is were we stayed for the rest of the night. 

A little worse for wear the next morning we pulled ourselves out of bed and got ourselves back on the train to head for the embankment. This time we walked around taking a trip down to see parliament square then walked on down to Buckingham palace. While there we noticed something was going on as we found out it was the changing of the guard ceremony. This is an old tradition that marks the official shift change of household regiment which is done daily at 11.30. When that was over we headed back to the hotel to lie down and chill out for some time.

Finally we made our way to Greenwich this place is known for it's maritime history, it's home to cutty sark, a restored 19th-century ship which you see when pulling up on the banks of the river. We made our way in and came across bianco pizzeria ristorante this little spot is really nice that if you get a window seat you are able to look down towards the bank and see the ship. Again here the bases of their pizza's are so thin that i ate the whole thing. After that we headed back to the hotel as the next morning we we're up early to head to the train station for the airport. Hope you enjoy the piece!

Emma x