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Hi guys,

How's everyone weekend going? 

This morning i'm going to bring you my take on using the real techniques brushes. Anyone use them? They are quite popular with our customers when serving them in the store. Maybe you'll pick up a few of them after reading this! Now i'm not saying i only use real techniques brushes, i don't, i still use my ecotools and blank canvas for my foundation. I find myself stocking up for more of them as i like the technique of the brushes. I personally have never come across any problems with my brushes since buying them. Like the brush fell apart, the bristles were falling on my face or the bristles were to harsh to use to apply my makeup. 

First up is my brushes from the bold metal collection at the time of purchase these were buy one get second half price. Hello why not! Look at them they are so pretty my eyes lit up like shiny disco balls when i seen them on the display unit. If you haven't noticed these guys seem to do a lot of makeup brush collections with the latest release of the galaxy theme brush crush volume 2. Maybe it's a strategy i don't know but who cares cause truthfully we'll still be buying them. What brushes i have from the bold metal collection are below:

1. Tapered Blush: Well it's in the name i use this to apply the color of blush to my cheeks. I either lightly tap it on the center of my cheek or glide it across my cheekbone using this brush. Again it's easily applied as the bristles are soft enough to run across the cheek like i mean it's not ripping the cheek off of me because i mean there are brushes out there that would do that. 

2. Oval Shadow: I actually use this one for putting on a light eye shadow color as a base going across my eyes. Then with using my shading brush i would use a darker color running along my crease which fits perfectly for going back and fourth with your color making it blend nicely on the eye. This one is also great for adding highlighter to the corner of the eyes and underneath the arch of the eyebrow.

3. Bronzer Brush: This angled brush i find is very useful for applying my powder bronzer for contouring on the face. It glides very easy around the whole face and fits in well under the cheek to highlight the structure of my face even more with the help of the bronzer. I also use this brush to apply the bronzer all over my face and down onto the neck area or shoulder blazes. 

My latest addition to my real technique family is the mini expert face brush i was delighted to see this because i was getting to the stage i didn't want to be lumbering around my full size brushes when going off. Next up was the big powder bleu plush powder puff seriously when i seen this for some strange reason i was brought back to my teenage years when my mam had that big hairy powder puff that in one swoop your whole face was covered in powder. Is that just me and i know it's not hairy either! Anyway when i get the chance i want to add more of the mini travel size brushes as i find these are so handy and easy for travelling. Hope you enjoy the piece!

Emma x