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Happy Monday,

Who would of thought this pack of cotton buds would be a game changer in the world of beauty hacks. Of course i have been using them for many years to clean up around the edges of a makeup look with my own saliva (don't uhhh). I know you do it too!!! Get ready as this gem will have a beauty problem fixed in seconds. Let me introduce you to this genius of a little tool called moxi eye catcher cleansing and correcting buds. Truthfully I had seen these for quite some time in penneys but i was really unsure on whether to buy them. Well I didn't want to waste my money on them not to work €4.95 isn't a lot but still considering your standard box of cotton buds only cost €2. I pulled out my laptop and got watching videos on youtube as i wanted to do my research and to my surprise found out they were getting great feedback.

Well that's a good sign to me! The 24 individually wrapped cleansing and correcting buds are pre-filled with a clear liquid inside the tube of the cotton bud. Okay how did that get there and how do i release it? Easy peasy as one end of the bud has a blue stripe around it simply click so it snaps then it'll release the liquid so it runs down to the other end of the bud. The liquid formula that's inside the buds itself is made up of vitamin e, aloe and coconut extract which makes it suitable for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearer,which i am! The liquid itself is easily wiped across the eyes like a watery base not gloopy or gel-like. Personally I've used them a few times now with helping me fix up a mistake or the removal of a stubborn eyeliner, smudges made by mascaras and even cleaning up around my lipstick line.

I have them everywhere as they are easy to pull apart from each other making them handy to pop into my makeup bag, put them in my beauty room but they are also super hygienic for bringing on your travels too. What is also great about this product it's an Irish base brand created by beauty guru Pamela Laird who runs the beauty parlour in Terenure. Yeah i told you i did my research! Would i buy them again hell yeah as these are a great product for any beauty guru or makeup enthusiast to have in their lives with making it so much easier for fixing up those makeup mistakes. Hope you enjoy the piece! 

Emma x